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Smoky Mountain Way


Smoky Mountain Way - Video

Smoky Mountain Way by Craig 'Smoky' Roberts

2019 marks the 85th anniversary of

Smoky Mountains National Park, 

established by an act of Congress

on June 15, 1934. 

"As a poet & tunesmith, one of my favorite compositions is Smoky Mountain Way. I was inspired to write about the natural wonder of this part of America and hope my song captures the experience we all feel when being one with nature."

Smoky Mountain Way©

Great Smoky Mountains hear my song

It's about the love you gave to me each day

And nighttime around the fire light

You've given me the sight to see along the way.

Walkin' through you, boundary to boundary, learning the trail

If this is the earth, devil's domain,

Lord, Lord what must paradise be?

You can be there, listen while you pray, Smoky Mountain way.

Great Smoky Mountains let me hear you sing

Of rhododendron blooming in the spring

And as summer fades to fall, the wonder of it all

What will the winter bring?

Place a log upon the fire, & fill me with desire 

To be with you every day

If this is the earth, devil's domain

Lord, Lord what must paradise be?

You can be there, listen while you pray, Smoky Mountain way.

Words and music by Craig Roberts  

Vocals, acoustic & bass guitar - Craig Roberts

Percussion - Rob Moore      

RobertSound Publisher 


 Music and video produced 

by Rob Moore/RobertSound  

Copyright 2011 All rights reserved

Photo Courtesy Doug Sutherland Photography


A Smoky Song

Smoky Mountain Way was originally recorded in 2011. In 2019, Craig, with the help of Rob Moore, Wes Bakken and Steven Acker, re-mixed the song adding guitar, pedal steel and backing vocals. We hope you enjoy our enhancements. Downloads available below.



Songwriter: Craig 'Smoky' Roberts

Vocals: Craig Roberts with the High-Whiskey Singers

1st, 2nd & Bass Guitar: Craig 'Smoky' Roberts

3rd Guitar: Steven Acker

Pedal Steel: Wes Bakken

Percussion: Rob Moore

Produced by: Rob Moore/RobertSound

Post Production: Steven Acker

Videography: Rob Moore

(Photo of Steven Acker) 


Friends of the Smokies Song Fundraising

A portion of the proceeds from each download of the song Smoky Mountain Way is being donated to Friends of the Smokies Charity.


FOTS (Friends of the Smokies) works with Great Smoky Mountains National Park assisting the National Park Service in its mission to preserve and protect GSMNP by raising funds, creating public awareness and providing volunteers for needed projects. Friends of Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (Tax ID: 62-1564782) and an official National Park Service partner of Great Smoky Mountains National Park 

Enjoy the new re-mix of Smoky Mountain Way

Smoky Mountain Way


Smoky Mountain Way


Smoky Mountain Way


Coming Soon!


Smoky Mountain Way


Coming Soon!



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