Craig Roberts Bio


Craig Roberts grew-up in the Youngstown-Warren area of northern Ohio which is located between Pittsburgh & Cleveland. Over the years this area of the country has produced some of the world’s most successful rock and pop musicians from Joe Walsh to Chrissie Hynde.

Craig knew or went to high school with many of them including Jim Gustafson and Phil Jones, founding members of the rock band POOBAH. Phil Jones, who died of cancer 2008, was considered one of greatest bass players in the country. This website is dedicated to his memory.

Craig, Phil and Gus also attended high-school with another well-known guitarist and one of the founders of the Christian rock movement, PHIL KEAGGY . Many fellow musicians and fans consider Keaggy to be one of the world’s most talented guitar virtuosos and all this from just one high-school, Boardman High, as members of the class of 1970.

Many other great bands of the 1960’s and 1970’s hailed from this area of Ohio including The HUMAN BEINGZ with their hit Nobody But Me with Dick Belley and Ting Markulin, THE HOLES IN THE ROAD with Doug Thomas & Gary McCoy and the POPPY with Roger Lewis and Dan Pecchio. Another local, Myron Grombacher, was Pat Benatar’s drummer. There was also ERIC CARMEN from Cleveland and BOZ SCAGGS who was from Canton. The list goes on and on!

Craig left the stage after high school and worked for General Motors at one the world’s most modern auto assembly plants located in Warren. While working for GM he attended YSU and took a radio broadcasting course offered by a local radio station. After graduating he was hired by that station WYFM/Y103 and worked morning drive and then afternoon drive while moonlighting at rock stations in the Akron and Kent area on the weekends.

Many FM stations at that time in the greater Cleveland and Pittsburgh area pioneered underground, progressive and free-form rock which later evolved into album and classic rock formats as they became more commercialized.

By the mid-‘70’s power house FM stations like M105 & WMMS out-of-Cleveland and WYDD and WDVE in Pittsburgh were well-established and nationally known for playing album cuts not heard on the AM side of the dial. This music lead the youth revolution of that time and one station in Akron, WCUE-FM Q-96, made radio history one summer evening in 1975 as it played the entire album of PINK FLOYD's Dark Side of the Moon during a total lunar eclipse! Craig Roberts was at the turntables that night and many who witnessed the lunar event simultaneously listened to its sound track being broadcast on northern Ohio airwaves from the studios of Q-96!

By the late ‘70’s disco dominated the dance floors and Craig became a popular disc jockey at local teen dances with his “Port-a-Party” sound system that was the beginning of RobertSound™. Craig also produced radio spots for the TOMORROW CLUB, and several outdoor rock concerts held in the area during those years. Bands such as Boston, Brian Auger, Trapeze, Heart, Michael Stanley Band, Stanley Clark, Billy Cobham, Ronnie Montrose, The Tubes…if you were up and coming or on your way back-down you played Youngstown’s TOMORROW CLUB and their affiliate THE AGORA in Cleveland.

By the early ‘80’s Craig was married and raising a family. Needing a “real” job to replace his “reel-to-reel” job he began selling commercial airtime with legendary rock station WHOT HOT FM 101 in Youngstown. This began a 30-year career as an advertising consultant.

Craig now resides in Phoenix where he and his son Rob have dusted-off Craig’s guitars and have begun laying down digital tracks of some of Craig’s original compositions. In-addition to playing percussion Rob is a skilled webmaster and budding recording engineer.

RobertSound™ has now been fully resurrected in the desert and plans to record more songs in the months ahead. We hope you like our songs and invite you to enjoy this ride with us.